Registered charities in Canada face multiple competing demands on their time. At this time of year, it includes wrapping up the 2021 financial year end and preparing and issuing charitable tax receipts to the donors who donated to the important work they do in 2021.

Government registered charities who received donations in 2021 from those who donated a car, truck, van, commercial vehicle, piece of farm equipment or large amount of scrap metal to the work they do, can expect to receive a receipt for their charitable vehicle donation(s) sometime after February 28th, 2022.

The Canada Revenue Agency suggests registered charities issue tax receipts to their donors by February 28 of the calendar year that follows the year of the donation. Allowing a week or so for mail, this means tax receipts should arrive before the middle of March.

This time frame allows individual taxpayers to claim their donations on their annual income tax returns which are due to be filed by April 30, 2022.

Charities play an important role in the local communities where they operate in BC and we are glad to help them raise funds through vehicle donation.

Vehicle donations, including personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, agricultural farm equipment, etc., provide valuable financial resources to support the running of local charities. Vehicles requiring minor repairs may be worth more to a charity resold. If not, the vehicle will be recycled with parts and any metal sold for the benefit of the charity. Each vehicle is evaluated to determine the best course of action.

Vehicles are towed at no cost to the donor and once the vehicle is disposed of the proceeds are donated to the charity chosen by the donor.

Questions about tax receipts or donating your car, truck, van, or commercial vehicle to charity?

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