At Your Choice To Donate, we are HUGE fans of the BC SPCA. And, for this reason on June 22nd our very own Lori King will be getting locked up on behalf of Your Choice To Donate, yet again, for a good cause …to raise money to save animals through the BC SPCA’s Lock-In For Love campaign.

As Lori puts it,

“The animals need your loving heart.

“Just like your kindness and compassion are part of who you are, loving animals is part of who I am. That’s why Im participating in the BC SPCAs Lock-In for Love.

“There’s a special moment when an animal curls up next to you and lets out a little sigh that relaxes their whole body. In that moment a bridge of trust is built. I want all animals to feel that love and safety, that unique human-animal bond.

“Together we can move one step closer to a world where animals never have to suffer hunger or fear, cold or pain. Your caring support today will provide rescue, warm shelter, nourishing food and healing medical care to animals in B.C. who are desperately waiting for help at this very moment.”

Please help us raise funds for this important event for the BC SPCA by donating today. We’ll be raising funds right up to June 22nd for this important fundraiser. Monies raised during the BC SPCA Lock-In For Love campaign will make a huge difference in supporting the vital work they do with cats, dogs,  and other kinds of animals.

Will you share your loving heart with vulnerable animals by donating today? Any amount you are comfortable with makes a difference. Our initial goal is to raise $500 for the BC SPCA. Our hope is we’ll raise much more than this.

To donate, visit and click on the ‘Donate’ button. Or, call 1-855-622-7722 and mention our ‘Your Choice To Donate’ Lock-In for Love page.

Another way to support the BC SPCA is through vehicle donation. To learn more about vehicle donation simply scroll to the bottom of this page or click this link to donate a vehicle to the BC SPCA now.