We are delighted to welcome the Veterans Memorial Restoration Society to the Your Choice To Donate Charity Vehicle Donation Program.

The Veterans Memorial Restoration Society coordinates the Airplane Creek project honouring eleven members of the Royal Air Force (RAF) who died in a training mission in BC on June 1, 1945.

B-24 Liberator bomber KK241 Flight Crew

  • Stanley ALDRIDGE, Sergeant, 20
  • Albert Eric BROADBENT, Sergeant, 19
  • John Randall DALE, Sergeant, 32
  • William Peter Watt DRUMMOND, Sergeant, 23 or 24
  • Isaac GIBBONS, Sergeant, 19
  • James Leonard Gordon HAMMOND, Sergeant, 20
  • Arthur William David HILL, Flying Officer, 21
  • David Robertson LANGLANDS, Sergeant, 33
  • Gilbert Ewart Ellis LONG, Pilot Officer, 21
  • Graham MURRAY, Sergeant, 20
  • William Thomas SWATTON, Sergeant, 34

The Wreckage

The wreckage of the flight crew’s plane was found near the summit of Mt. Welch, 36 kilometers of course. Because of the difficult terrain the retrieval group could not carry the bodies down and instead returned five days later with Anglican Padre Flight Lieutenant Gilbert to bury the remains in a mass grave between the summits of Mount Welch and Mount Still. The crash is one of the ten largest air training incidents in Canada in WWII.

On June 11, 1983 Air Cadets from 861 Silverfox Squadron in Abbotsford, under the supervision of Commanding Officer Chris Weicht, constructed a memorial cairn on top of one of the liberators engines on an island in Airplane Creek near the base camp location of the 1945 recovery group.

In 2013, Cadets from 147 Airwolf Squadron in Chilliwack under the supervision of Lt. (Navy) Ron Shore CD, and Lt. George Noordegraff surveyed the condition of the memorial and discovered the 1983 memorial had fallen face down into Airplane Creek. A new memorial was proposed to remember the men and a decision was made to incorporate the engine from the Liberator in this new memorial.


To learn more about Airplane Creek visit: www.AirplaneCreek.com.

If people are interested in donating towards the project they can call Robert Love, President of the Veterans Memorial Restoration Society at 1-888-888-4124 or donate at www.GoFundMe.com/AirplaneCreek. People donating more than $2,000 will have their name engraved on the monument, and people who donate more than $500 will receive a plaque with an engraved 50 caliber shell on it.

For more information on the project please contact Ron Shore at 604-857-2488 or e-mail Ron@RonShore.com.

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How Charity Vehicle Donation Works

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