When it’s time to say goodbye to your old car, truck, van, piece of farm equipment, etc. consider donating it to charity.

Local charities rely heavily on the generosity of those who live in their communities. And, an older or no longer needed vehicle can help provide the resources charities need to do the work they do.

Vehicles of all kind can be donated to charity and when donated to charity the donor qualifies for a charitable tax receipt for the value of the vehicle donated, minimum $300, to use on their Canadian tax return.

Do Vehicles Need To Be Road Worthy Or Drivable To Be Donated To Charity?

Vehicles do not need to be road worthy or drivable in order for a charity to benefit from their donation.

Oftentimes, a vehicle that has been sitting in your back yard for some time won’t have things like a battery, or at least one that works, or tires. It may even be missing a few windows or even a door or two. But don’t let that stop you from calling us! That’s what tow trucks are for!!

And the cost of towing is not paid by the individual or business donating the older or unused car, truck, van, piece of farm equipment, or commercial vehicle. There is no charge to the donor for towing.

What Is The Value Of The Tax Receipt For The Donated Vehicle?

The answer to this question depends on the market value of the vehicle.

Some vehicles are resold as they may be valuable to another person with some minor repairs. For an old junker in your backyard that is no longer operational, the minimum charitable tax receipt for donating the vehicle to charity is $300 … even if the actual value of the vehicle is less than that.

Some vehicles are worth more to a charity resold. If not, the vehicle will be recycled with parts and any metal sold for the benefit of the charity.

Each vehicle is evaluated to determine the best course of action, and these values will be reflected in the charitable tax receipt issued (minimum $300).

And the funds raised by donating your vehicle … no matter what shape its in … can make a huge difference to your favourite charity.

What To Do If You Have A Vehicle To Donate To Charity

If you have an old junker in your backyard that you’d like to get rid of … or if you have a vehicle that isn’t an old junker and may be valuable to another person with some minor repairs … call us at 604 845 5577 or at 1 877 845 5577 OR complete the online form by clicking on the ‘Donate Vehicle’ button at the top of this page.

As mentioned, vehicles are towed free. Once the vehicle is disposed of the proceeds are donated to the charity chosen by you, the donor.

Questions? Call us at 604 845 5577 or at 1 877 845 5577.