Bidding farewell to your aging vehicle can be a meaningful act of generosity, benefiting both you and your favourite charity.

Local charities heavily rely on community support. So, donating your old car, truck, or even farm equipment can provide them with a valuable resource to fund the important work they do.

Contrary to common misconceptions, vehicles of all kinds, regardless of their condition, are eligible for donation. Whether they have tires, windows, or are even inoperable, your vehicle can still generate a tax receipt for you while providing financial benefits for the charity of your choice.

Your vehicle doesn’t need to be roadworthy or drivable for a charity to benefit from your donation. Even if it’s been sitting in your backyard missing essential components.

The value of your donated vehicle is determined by its market value. Even if it’s an old clunker that is no longer operational, you’ll still receive a charitable tax receipt. Some vehicles are even resold after minimal repairs, where it makes sense to do so. Or, they’re recycled and sold to benefit your favourite charity’s funds, making a significant impact on their mission.

The process is simple: contact us at 604-845-5577 or 1-877-845-5577, or complete the online form at the top of the page to initiate the donation process.

Once your vehicle is disposed of, whether resold or recycled, the proceeds go directly to support the charity of your choice.

At Your Choice To Donate you choose the charity you’d like to donate to. Find a list of some of the charities donors have donated their vehicles to through us by clicking here. (We LOVE adding new local charities to our list! If your favourite charity isn’t listed, no problem. Just designate the charity you want to benefit when you donate your vehicle. It’s that easy.)

Have questions or need assistance?

Feel free to call us at 604-845-5577 (Vancouver Lower Mainland) or 1-877-845-5577 (BC-wide Toll-Free).

Join us in driving positive change by turning your old vehicle into support for a cause you care about.