When the time comes to bid farewell to your aging car, truck, van, or even that piece of farm equipment taking up space, consider donating it to charity.

Local charities depend heavily on the goodwill and financial support of local communities to do the important work they do. And when it comes to an older or no longer-needed vehicle, it can serve as a valuable resource to support and help fund the important work these charities do.

Do Vehicles Need To Be Drivable In Order To Donate Them To Charity?

You might be surprised to learn that vehicles of all kinds are eligible for donation to charity. In fact, vehicles with or without tires, with or without windows, and drivable or not, can be donated to charity. And, they generate not only a tax receipt for the donor but also financial benefits for your favourite charity.

Seriously, your vehicle doesn’t need to be in roadworthy condition or even drivable for a charity to benefit from your donation.

Perhaps your vehicle has been sitting in your backyard for a while, missing a battery that works, tires, windows, or even a door or two. No worries – that’s where tow trucks come to the rescue! And the best part? There is absolutely no charge to you for the towing service.

How Is The Value Of The Vehicle & The Tax Receipt Calculated?

The value of the vehicle is determined by it’s market value. In some cases, vehicles can be resold with minimal repairs, making them valuable to someone else. Even if you’re parting with an old clunker that’s no longer operational, you’ll still receive a charitable tax receipt of at least $300, regardless of the vehicle’s actual value.

Vehicles that are not resold are recycled, with any salvageable parts and metal sold to benefit the charity. The exact course of action is determined by evaluating each vehicle’s unique situation, and the resulting charitable tax receipt will reflect this.

Remember, the funds raised by donating your vehicle, regardless of its condition, can make a big difference to your favourite charity’s mission.

So, what should you do if you’re ready to make a charitable donation with your vehicle? Simply reach out to us at 604-845-5577 or 1-877-845-5577.  Or, complete the online form by clicking the ‘Donate Vehicle’ button at the top of this page.

Once your vehicle is disposed of, either resold or recycled, the proceeds will go directly to the charity of your choice.

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