At Your Choice To Donate, we LOVE helping local charities, and regional and national ones too, raise the resources they need to do the important work they do. Many local charities have been stretched to the limit to meet the needs of those they serve in the past year.

And that’s where Your Choice To Donate and our local business partners come in.


A No-Cost Way For Charities To Raise Funds

Vehicle donation provides a no-cost way for local charities to raise funds. And here’s where we step in to help make it easy for charities to raise funds through vehicle donation. We take care of:

  • Arranging for the vehicle to be towed at no cost to the donor or the charity.
  • Ensuring all the legal paperwork is handled correctly.
  • Evaluating the value of the vehicle to determine the best course of action (minor repairs and selling, or recycling with parts and metal sold) for the benefit of the charity.
  • Sending a cheque for the proceeds to the charity chosen by the donor once the vehicle is disposed of.

All the charity then needs to do is process the cheque and issue a charitable tax receipt to the donor. Easy peasy!

We are so grateful for the support of Your Choice to Donate, as they have come along side of the Abbotsford Hospice to help us support our community families by raising awareness and funds. We appreciate Lori and her huge heart of giving through this charity, which makes a difference for this community and so many others.

Andrea Critchley

Abbotsford Hospice Society

This month, Your Choice To Donate has added the BC Interior (Kamloops, Kelowna, Lillooet, Merritt, Williams Lake) to the areas we serve. This is thanks to local business partners Central Salvage Ltd., Knox Mountain Metals Inc., and Larush Business Solutions.

If you live in the BC Interior areas we serve (Kamloops, Kelowna, Lillooet, Merritt, Williams Lake) and have an older or no longer used vehicle, consider donating it to a local charity to help fund the work they do.

To donate your vehicle to any registered charity of your choice, click here or on the ‘Donate Vehicle’ button at the top of this page. Or call Lori King toll free at 1-877-845-5577 or in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Area 604-845-5577.

If you don’t have an older or no longer used vehicle there are many other ways you can still support local charities. You could give a one-time or monthly financial gift. You may be able to volunteer your time. You could send a note of encouragement or thanks to a local charity for the important work they do. There are many ways to give and all of them are valuable.

To see what some of the Charities we have raised funds for and those who have donated vehicles have to say click here to go to our Reviews page.

Every month Your Choice to Donate sends Adult & Teen Challenge funds from the donated cars and we couldn't be more thrilled with the partnership. Your Choice to Donate makes it possible for the staff at Adult & Teen Challenge to focus on the addicted person in our care and reach our mission to Put Hope within Reach of Every Addict. Lives are being changed through addiction recovery at Adult & Teen Challenge.

Janalyn Oige

Executive Director, Adult & Teen Challenge Society of BC