Please pray for our firefighters and all the people and animals impacted by the wildfires in BC.

As wildfires rage throughout our province, people are looking for ways to help and support people, communities and animals impacted by the wildfires. This kind of life threatening crisis tends to bring out the best in us as look for ways to help.

Many local charities along with the Red Cross ( and the BC SPCA ( are doing what they can to help people and animals during these challenging times.
There are many ways to help! Financial gifts to local charities and/or people who you know and love is one way to help.

Only donate to reputable, well-established charities. DO NOT give to door-to-door or over the phone campaigns.

If you have concerns about the activities of a charitable organization, including its fundraising practices, call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1 877 442-2899

For an up-to-date list of communities under evacuation orders visit

Please avoid visiting areas in or near where wildfires are occurring, as this can hamper efforts by affecting the flow of traffic and accommodation for firefighters and those who may be fleeing their areas.