When you donate a car, truck, motorcycle, van, commercial vehicle or piece of farm equipment to your favourite charity, you are helping people and animals out of difficult situations that many of us are unlikely to experience or could possibly imagine.

Charities usually have their hands full doing the practical work the charity was created for. The work that impacts people, animals and communities in profound ways. Time spent fundraising, to support their work, can limit their effectiveness as it tends to use up valuable human resources, not to mention money, that can be better used in the charity’s work.

At Your Choice To Donate helping local charities raise funds through our Vehicle Donation Program is a big deal! We love helping donors donate their vehicles to charity, and we love seeing the impact these finances have in helping these charities do the important work they were created for.

We make it easy for charities to raise financial resources through vehicle donations with virtually no effort needed by the charity. The charity’s sole responsibility is receiving the donation and then issuing a charitable tax receipt to the donor at the end of the year. We take care of the rest.

Vehicles are towed free and once the vehicle is disposed of the proceeds are donated to the charity chosen by the donor.

Do you have questions about donating an old, unwanted or unneeded vehicle … car, truck, van, or commercial vehicle … to charity? Call us at 604-845-5577 or 1-877-845-5577.

To donate a vehicle to charity now, CLICK HERE or on the ‘Donate A Vehicle To Any Charity’ button at the top of our website.