Vehicle Donation for Charities. A formula that works!

Vehicle Donations During COVID-19

Your Choice To Donate is receiving vehicle donations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Procedures have been implemented to protect donors and our team during the vehicle towing/pickup process. Call us at 604-845.5577 with any questions you may have.

Truck vehicle donation to Heart & Stroke Foundation CharityA big thank you to Blendle Scott of Hope BC for the donation of his truck to charity. The charity chosen by Blendle to receive his charity vehicle donation is the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Lori King of Your Choice to Donate met with Blendle earlier in the month to handle the paperwork and get the signatures needed to complete the transfer of the title for the vehicle transaction and charity donation.

Blendle told Lori “Your Choice to Donate is the best charity car program out there’. He expressed how pleased he was that we met with him in person to complete the transaction and arrange for the free towing. (Thank you, Blendle!)

To learn more about the Heart & Stroke Foundation visit their website at

To learn more about donating a vehicle to this or another charity visit or call Lori at 604-845-5577.