Charity Vehicle Donation Form

When you donate your old, unwanted, or unneeded vehicle to a charity of your choice, you provide valuable financial resources to support the work of the charity. Vehicles are towed free and once the vehicle is disposed of the proceeds are donated to the charity you chose.

Charity Vehicle Donation Form

  • Charities often have several locations. Please tell us the address of the charity you would like the donated funds mailed to.
  • Please provide any information you think will be helpful.
  • Donor Information

  • NOTE: If the vehicle is located elsewhere, and needs to be picked up, we will obtain the address when we contact you to arrange for pickup.
  • Terms & Conditions

  • By donating my vehicle, I accept that the designated charity and its agents will at their own discretion evaluate, judge and assess the donation value of my vehicle donation in its current condition upon arrival at their facility.

    I understand that if the Vehicle Donation Program operators deem my vehicle to have no resale marketability I will receive a charitable tax receipt from my designated charity based on current scrap vehicles prices.

    I understand that donated vehicle tax receipt values are based upon local, micro markets and reflect true remuneration for donated vehicles in both recycled and resale markets: tax receipt values are not influenced or determined by either retail or wholesale automotive price evaluation tools.

    It is the mandate of the Your Choice To Donate Vehicle Donation Program to strive, within their parameters, to maximize the value of my vehicle donation. The charity you designate above reserves the right to refuse any donation.