1996 Ford Contour Donated to Cyrus Center Chilliwack

Vehicles donated to local charities make a significant impact on the work they do. In this case, Dustin of Chilliwack donated his 1996 Ford Contour to the work done by Cyrus Centre in the Fraser Valley. Donating his older vehicle to charity is providing funds that Cyrus Centre will use to help in the work they do with local young people.

Supporting the work of local charities is important and Your Choice to Donate is happy to play a part by handling the vehicle donation process on behalf of local charities.

To learn more about Cyrus Centre and they work they do with local young people, visit www.CyrusCentre.com.

To find Cyrus Centre on Facebook click here.

To donate a no longer needed or older vehicle to this or another charity scroll over the ‘Choose Your Charity’ link in the menu. If you don’t see your charity listed choose ‘Other Charity’ at the bottom of the drop-down list and name them in the vehicle donation process.