Vehicle Donation for Charities

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In the Fraser Valley, donate a car, truck, motorcycle, van or pretty much any kind of vehicle to a charity you love!

It’s as simple as filling out our online form to tell us a bit about the vehicle you would like to donate to charity.

Next, choose one of the charities listed on our site or another charity you’d like to support.

Once we’ve received the information about the vehicle and your contact information, we’ll call you to arrange a convenient time to complete the paperwork and arrange for free towing of your vehicle.

Once we’ve inspected the vehicle a decision will be made on whether the vehicle is fixable and sellable with minor repairs or not. Our goal is to get the most value from the vehicle you donate so local charities benefit from your gift. 

It’s that simple!

In 2018, generous donors supported local charities in the Fraser Valley when they donated their cars, trucks, and other vehicles through Your Choice To Donate.

Dollars Raised for Charity in 2018

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Your Choice To Donate is a Charity Vehicle Donation Program serving local charities in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Lower Mainland